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1920 - no worries, i got this iphone case

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1920 - no worries, i got this iphone case

1920 - no worries, i got this iphone case

RIM still gets the enterprise. RIM is losing its enterprise installed base, but CIOs don't like the trend all that much. As our recent CIO Jury highlighted, tech leaders want a platform that isn't iOS or Android. The enterprise play is open for Windows Phone or RIM, but probably not both. Heins has positioned RIM software and BlackBerry 10's ability to keep work and personal profiles separate as a handy way to manage bring-your-own-device efforts. RIM's ability to woo CIOs with multiple device management software also isn't a stretch.

This story originally appeared on ZDNet under the headline "RIM's BlackBerry 10: Why I still believe."BlackBerry 10 looks like the offspring of an Android and Microsoft Windows Phone one-night stand gone awry, But that's OK, because RIM still has assets worth pondering, Research In Motion's BlackBerry Jam developer conference in San Jose, Calif., could either be considered the rebirth of a company or a last gasp attempt 1920 - no worries, i got this iphone case to keep developers interested in the platform, There's not much in between, Given that binary reality -- BlackBerry 10 either does well or RIM dies -- it's worth checking in on both sides of the equation, Watching RIM CEO Thorsten Heins talk all things BlackBerry 10, which will be tested by carriers in October, I couldn't help but root for RIM, Yes, I realize RIM faces long odds, but we all love a comeback story, and frankly I'm tired of the Apple iOS and Google Android race, I'm obviously a sucker for a comeback -- I'm even rooting for MySpace's redesign..

Read the full review of the Motorola Atrix HD. Read the full review of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. If a Benjamin is still more than you'd like to part with, you should also check out our best smartphones for under $100, and of course, always keep your eyes out for limited-time carrier promotions. When you add it all up, $100 isn't much to pay for a phone that's really a small personal computer. Here are CNET's top picks. A hundred greenbacks is a respectable chunk of change, but when it comes to personal electronics like the ultra-personal smartphone, $100 (before taxes and fees) is a darn good deal. Since the smartphone operating system remains the same across handsets from the most entry-level to the most premium, what a price hike usually gives you is a step up in features -- like LTE or HSPA+ 42 support, a faster processor, and more premium camera components, for example.

Users can also add on a 3D panorama view that adds three-dimensional elevation views that Garmin says are sourced from data from NASA, Not all of the features are free, While the addition of Street View is a freebie, users need to pay extra for the public transit data ($2.99) and 3D panorama view ($9.99) using in-app purchase, The new features are available on Garmin's 1920 - no worries, i got this iphone case U.S.A, app, its North America app, its U.K, and Ireland app, and its Western Europe app, The updates are the latest from Garmin in recent days, Last week the company updated Navigon and StreetPilot Onboard with public transit data and dropped the prices of its apps..

Those comments are the last thing frustrated iOS 6 users missing their Google Maps want to hear. But the decision to drag its feet on a new Apple-approved Google Maps could be the smartest move for Google. Its more reliable mapping program gives Android a leg up on Apple and gives the company a clear advantage that any consumer can easily understand. When Apple decided to boot Google Maps in favor of its program, it inadvertently kicked off a new battle in the ongoing war between the two technology behemoths. It's a battlefront in which Google has a distinct upper hand.