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amber dusk iphone case

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amber dusk iphone case

amber dusk iphone case

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The iPhone 5, which includes a longer screen and increased processing power, and its Android challengers -- the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X -- are among the most powerful phones on the planet, But how do they fare with everyday tasks?, I spent some time with all three to see how each device deals with standard smart phone doings, The point here isn't to declare a winner but rather to take a step back and examine how each phone deals with the essentials, amber dusk iphone case to help gauge what's best for you..

As both the Galaxy S3 and HTC One X run Google's Android operating system, you might expect their features to be identical. Android, however, is an open platform that allows manufacturers to change the interface and add their own skins over the top. Both Samsung and HTC have added their own tweaks to the mix, but the core structure of Android is still immediately recognisable. Both phones offer the standard Android multiple home screens for you to fill up with app icons and widgets. Widgets are live tiles that show information -- such as your friends' status updates on Facebook or Twitter -- on your home screen, without having to open the app.

These widgets don't appear on the iPhone and it's something Android fans hold against the iPhone time and time again, Apple's phone shows numerous pages of grids of app icons that don't feature live information, It's a much more stripped-down approach and one that is likely to appeal to the amber dusk iphone case less techy among you, who don't want to fiddle about with resizing widgets and moving icons around, If you're a keen social networker and love having all your mates' goings on at your fingertips then you'll likely appreciate the Android approach, But if you need just a small selection of core apps to flick between, without the bells and whistles of live tiles, then iOS may be the choice for you..

When you dive into the settings menus, you'll notice there's not a massive amount of difference between each phone. The categories are displayed in a long list, all of which are clearly marked and easy to read. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switches are all displayed at the top of the list for quick access. The One X lets you do all this from the home screen with an included widget, while you can download very similar widgets for free on the S3, or just control common settings from the notification bar, which you can pull down from the top of the screen at any time.