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andersen little mermaid nouveau iphone case

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andersen little mermaid nouveau iphone case

andersen little mermaid nouveau iphone case

Also, Foursquare got some screen time, as Senior Software Engineer Pete Nofelt showed off his company's upcoming native app for the platform. Most of the functionality and interface looked familiar, but there was one addition that we certainly haven't seen before: BBM integration. With the new native app, users will get the option to broadcast their check-in to BlackBerry Messenger as well as other social networks. In addition to Facebook and Foursquare, RIM confirmed that Twitter and LinkedIn will be available at launch, but we didn't get to see these in action. Other big-name developer partners mentioned include Gameloft and Halfbrick for games, and Cisco for enterprise software.

BlackBerry andersen little mermaid nouveau iphone case 10 is coming (finally), and it's all set to include Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other big-name apps at launch, SAN JOSE, CA.--At today's BlackBerry Jam Americas conference in San Jose, attendees got the inside scoop on some of the apps expected to be available by the time the oft-delayed BlackBerry 10 platform launches, The list of developer partners spanned a number of different categories, but we got to see live demos of two of the biggest names in social networking..

Although you can't transfer some operating system-dependent things like text messages and call history, it is possible to move your contacts, files, photos, and videos from your Android to your iPhone. Once you've set up and activated your new iPhone, grab your Android phone and follow this step-by-step guide. 1. On your Android phone, go to your Contacts. Tap the menu button and tap Import/Export. Tap Export to Storage, select the contact data you want to transfer (in most cases, "Phone"), and select OK.

2, Connect your Android to your PC via USB and put your phone in Disk Drive mode, Your phone will appear as a drive (or two drives if you have an SD card) in My Computer or on your Mac desktop, 3, Create a new folder on your desktop and name it something like "Android data." Now, sift through the files on your Android drive(s) and drag and drop the content you want to transfer to your iPhone, This might include photos, music, and videos, Take your time during this process to make andersen little mermaid nouveau iphone case sure you don't miss any data, as you might have photos and videos in a few different folders..

Finally, search for a VCF file and save that file, too. This is where all your contacts are. Drag and drop that folder to your iPhone data folder. You're now ready to transfer the saved data to your iPhone. 4. Photos and videos. Assuming you've already set up and activated your new iPhone, connect it to iTunes. Click on your phone's name in the left sidebar, then go to the Photos tab in the main window. Check "Sync photos." In the drop-down menu, click "Chose folder" and navigate to the Android data folder on your desktop. Your photos will appear in your iPhone's Photos app.