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“This show really makes sense for our students,” said co-director and theater instructor Becky Potter. “The kids are these characters already. They really are telling their own stories.”. According to Potter, “Fame” was the perfect choice for OSA, a nationally recognized public charter school housed in Oakland’s historic Fox Theater. “We looked at other shows, but this one just made a lot of sense. It really speaks to everyone,” she said. Potter co-directs the immense undertaking with Matthew Travisano, vocal director Branice McKenzie, music director John Kendall Bailey and choreographer Reginald Ray-Savage.

“That’s something we’re definitely going to change next year,” she vowed, Keynote speaker and California Secretary of State Debra Bowen told the audience that her “gateway drug” into public service was serving on Neighborhood Watch, Inspired by lessons from history, like negative, antiquated laws prohibiting buy best ballet shoes outlet women from owning property or denying them the right to vote — and positive examples, like her grandfather, from whom she learned to evaluate how things work, then attempt to fix them — Bowen said women and girls are “a force to be reckoned with.” Women’s work, she suggested, “is nothing more than changing the world.”..

Over the 47years, Weingarten said that Elegance has raised more than $9 million for these local health care agencies: Family & Children Services, John XXIII Multi-Service Center, Centre for Living with Dying, Alzheimer’s Activity Center and Services for Brain Injury. Santa was the main attraction, but 50 guests also made ornaments, decorated cookies, made art creations with holiday stamps (reindeer, Christmas trees) and sampled delicious holiday treats prepared by Health Council volunteers.

In fact, nature can call whenever we need it to, Or just: “So great to talk/catch up/see you.”, If sincere, you can always add, “Let’s make plans again soon.”, All of this covers the how, but you asked about the more complicated why, That’s buy best ballet shoes outlet where confidence comes in, First there’s the confidence that you won’t be judged harshly the moment you turn your back — or that you will be judged but you’ll survive it socially, because, who cares what people think, Insecurity is powerful, but overruling it gets easier with practice as you successfully end conversations and live to converse again..

“The biggest thing seems to be a loss of empathy, or what we call ‘social prosody’ — the ability to recognize things like sarcasm, humor or even the emotions on a human face,” said Dr. Louisa Parks of the Brain Health Center at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Parks and Dr. Catherine Madison, in a joint interview at the Brain Health Center, said they sense that people are spending so much time communicating through their devices, instead of face to face, that they sometimes struggle with basic human interaction.