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fox tea iphone case

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fox tea iphone case

fox tea iphone case

Although Siri performed better than S Voice overall, Apple's assistant is hardly a dream. For as long as I've used either app, they've both caused headaches. I love the concept of voice-recognition software -- especially when I'm hands-free -- but many times, it's simply faster and more accurate to just type in the query myself. 1. Place a callBoth assistants heard my command and launched the dialer. 2. Send a text. Siri had no problem executing my whim. When I first asked S Voice to "text Jason Parker Hi," it tried calling him. You'll have to teach yourself to say "Text So-And-So message Hi" if you want to text with your voice. I also recommend keeping texts short and sweet. S Voice continually botched longer messages throughout my testing period.

By the way, I use CNET's editor in a lot of examples because I know he won't scream at me for sending him random calls and texts, 3, Set an alarm, S Voice and Siri both set my alarm for the following morning, However, Siri was fox tea iphone case more confident, setting the alarm and offering me an out to cancel, S Voice required time-wasting confirmation before saving the alarm, 4, Get directions, S Voice opened driving navigation to get to Google (just not the office I wanted; this is not Samsung's fault) while Siri opened driving directions to Jack London Square in Oakland..

Since driving directions are new in iOS 6, I also experimented with language -- what could I say or not say to make Siri give me what I wanted? You can ask for driving directions or command Siri to navigate, but use the word "drive" and you'll be sorry. It also helps to annunciate. 5. Check the weather. Both Siri and S Voice returned similar results for London's weather, just not exact forecasts. 6. Play a tune. Siri was able to launch a Nicki Minaj song I downloaded from iTunes (it was Starships, if you must know), but S Voice struggled to launch the same song that I purchased from Google Play. It was also unable to launch Google Play. Since I only have downloaded Google tunes on the GS3, this feature didn't work for me.

7, Set a calendar event, The name of my salon is a bit unusual, so I can't blame either assistant for tripping over it, but Siri alone captured the right appointment time and name of my stylist, S Voice branched off in the effort to include a contact from my address book, which took up my time and wasn't what I wanted, The reason you see two separate appointment days was a personal inconsistency, not any fault of either voice assistant, 8, Search the Web, I searched on multiple topics on both Siri and S Voice, While both did fine with the basics, fox tea iphone case there were problems with more complicated requests, or even with requests it found simple enough to understand, but didn't correctly execute, Siri was able to sound out something close to "kookaburra," but S Voice tripped up and just set my search term to "cook."Neither one understood my devotion to Pixar films, In S Voice's case, the blunder illustrated my user error in incorrectly structuring my commands, However, the app's rigidity once again got in the way and completely tried my patience..

9. Ask: When was Abraham Lincoln born?. Both S Voice and Siri tap Wolphram Alpha for this type of information. S Voice returned the short answer, with a choice to expand for more. Siri expanded by default. I personally prefer S Voice's bottom line with the option to dig deeper. "Date formats" and "time differences" don't make any sense to me. 10. Ask: How far is it from here to Siberia?. Now, I know they both heard me, and in truth, I expected Wolphram Alpha's database to take over. Instead, S Voice (left) played dumb and Siri (right) gave me driving directions. However, there' s really no need. Apparently, Siberia is within walking distance.