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frĒ case for apple iphone xr - boosted

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frĒ case for apple iphone xr - boosted

frĒ case for apple iphone xr - boosted frĒ case for apple iphone xr - boosted frĒ case for apple iphone xr - boosted

frĒ case for apple iphone xr - boosted

Back in June, Google's Android 4.1 Jelly Bean managed to bring Android's voice actions to the forefront in a meaningful way. Mostly, by dressing up the voice search interface like Apple's Siri, and making voice search available from any screen. (Samsung's attempt for select Android phone, S Voice, falls behind.). Luckily for Google, Voice Actions was fairly accurate in our tests. Thanks to an iOS 6 update that brings even more capabilities, Siri can do more than Google Voice Actions. That's a definite benefit for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users. However, Google Voice Actions' accuracy remains on point.

The two of us, Brian and Jessica, each tested commands on the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 and on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus updated with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Brian tested the phones in New York and Jessica tested in San Francisco, frĒ case for apple iphone xr - boosted Here's what we found, 1, Place a call, The experience with Google Voice Actions wasn't as smooth, To kick Android Jelly Bean into listening mode, you swipe a finger upward from the bottom of any home screen, From here you either say "Google" or tap the microphone icon in the Google search window, Brian's first few tries to command the Galaxy Nexus to place a call were misinterpreted..

He was successful on the third attempt, with the Nexus properly carrying out orders. Interestingly, Google Voice Actions' accuracy increased when Brian spoke to the Nexus through a quality Bluetooth headset. 2. Send a text. Using the iPhone 4S to send text messages using just our voices was a breeze as well. After Brian uttered, "Send text to Jessica Dolcourt," Siri quickly prepared Brian's message, then asked what he would like say. Brian spoke a quick sentence that the iPhone 4S transcribed without any hiccups. More importantly, Siri provided voice prompts and verbal descriptions of the actions it was conducting or about do. This makes for easy voice control without having to look at or even touch the screen.

Again Google Voice Actions was less accurate in terms of carrying out our wishes, The command to "Send text message to Jessica Dolcourt" correctly created our sample text in two out of three attempts, The frĒ case for apple iphone xr - boosted function did, however, transcribe Brian's spoken words into written characters error-free in every instance, Unlike Siri, though, Google's software didn't tell us what it was doing at any stage of the texting process, All we got was a faint alert chime to indicate that the Galaxy Nexus was listening to us, Essentially you have to use the screen, which makes hands-free operation more limited..

3. Set an alarm. Telling the iPhone 4S to set an alarm for us wasn't difficult either. When we said, "Schedule alarm for 6 a.m. tomorrow morning," Siri knew what to do immediately. For some reason, Siri wouldn't comply when we told it to repeat or edit that same alarm. It did delete the alarm when we asked to it to, though. Jelly Bean handled our alarm clock just as well. When we spoke the same phrase, the Galaxy Nexus created a 6 a.m. alarm on the first try. We also commanded the phone to cross the alarm out without any trouble by telling it to "Delete this alarm." Voice Actions on the Galaxy Nexus also balked when we tried to tell the device to repeat the alarm only during weekdays, something easily done from within the Android clock menu settings.