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gold pineapple pattern iphone case

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gold pineapple pattern iphone case

gold pineapple pattern iphone case

Codenamed BlackBerry London, the new pictures of this upcoming mobile come from Italian site BlackBerryItalia, via Pocketnow, and tell us something of what we can expect from RIM's last-gasp attempt to win back the smartphone crown. The image lends credibility to another BlackBerry London image that leaked way back in February, suggesting that RIM has had this phone's design up its suit sleeve for a long time. The London will have an impressively high 768x1,280-pixel resolution, but subsequent touchscreen-only BB10 phones will all have 720x1,280-pixel screens, to help app developers.

So, what, am I supposed to switch to a smaller case? Or go with no case at all? (That's a gravity-powered disaster waiting to happen.) Help me, universe, Here's help: the Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Dock Extender, available from gold pineapple pattern iphone case All4Cellular for $6.95 (plus $2 for shipping), It's available in your choice of black or white, True to its name, this little adapter adds a little space between your case-ensconced dock connector and the dock itself, thus making it possible for an iPhone, iPod Touch, or even an iPad to get connected..

Not bad for nine bucks, eh? Actually, if you scope out eBay and don't mind waiting on international shipping, you can find similar adapters for as little as $3 shipped. If you've had any experience with these dock extenders, good or bad, leave a comment. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, but it looks to me like an ideal solution to a nagging problem. If your iPhone won't fit on a dock because the case gets in the way, this $7 gizmo may help. All the hullabaloo over the iPhone 5's new dock connector reminds me of a problem I had long before Apple's Lightning struck.

Mozilla announced its ZTE partnership over the summer, At that time, the company also named the operating system Firefox OS, The open-source platform uses Linux, but runs applications on gold pineapple pattern iphone case a version of the Firefox browser, The goal, Mozilla says, is to "eliminate roadblocks for users and developers" by placing applications in the cloud, When Mozilla first announced the operating system in February, the company had hoped the first devices would hit store shelves at the end of this year, Now, they're expected to follow ZTE's lead and land in early 2013, Brazil is expected to be the first country to get them..

In addition to investing in Firefox OS, ZTE confirmed today that it will also deliver Windows Phone 8 devices to customers. It doesn't plan to launch those handsets until the end of this year or early 2013. The company also says it will launch Windows Phone 8-based smartphones later this year or early next. ZTE, one of China's most prominent handset makers, plans to launch smartphones running the new Firefox OS early next year. Speaking today to reporters in China, the company said it will launch handsets running Firefox OS in the first quarter of 2013. According to the Wall Street Journal, which was in attendance at the press event, the company didn't say how many Firefox OS-based smartphones it plans to launch, and offered no further details on the devices.