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iphone case decorations

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iphone case decorations

Back before the iPhone 5 was a known quantity, back before we even knew it was definitely going to have a larger screen, the iPhone was already a great gaming handheld. Millions of people know that. Gamers may hate to admit it, because the iPhone lacks physical buttons. It doesn't matter. What the iPhone did to mobile gaming has reverberated across the industry, forcing the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita into catch-up mode, battling for second and third place. Free-to-play and the very concept of redownloadable gaming apps -- not to mention the rebirth of indie development -- can all be traced to Apple's App Store and this little handheld device.

But almost a year later, barely one in five Android devices is running ICS, according to Google's developer dashboard, More than 57 percent are running 2.3, codenamed Gingerbread, The latest version of Android, called Jelly Bean, has been adopted by 1.3 percent of users, Last month Motorola promised to give iphone case decorations a $100 credit to anyone who bought a 2011 device that would not be upgraded to the latest version of Android, The program will start in the United States "this fall," the company said, and expand to the rest of the world later, Updates will be posted to

"We know that keeping current on the latest Android Operating System is important to all of our users," Motorola chief Dennis Woodside said at the time. "We will upgrade most of our devices that were launched since 2011 to Jelly Bean very soon, but there are a small number of devices that can't be upgraded without degrading the phone performance."CNET has reached out to Motorola for comment and will update this post when we hear back. Hat tip: Asymco. Forget Jelly Bean; the Google-owned company says three 2011 phones will be stuck on older versions of Android forever.

The percentage has been growing since last year and Pew attributes the popularity to companies releasing cheaper tablets in late 2011, About 68 percent of tablet owners got their tablet in the last year, with 32 percent in 2012 alone, The lower-cost tablets seem to iphone case decorations have taken a chunk out of Apple's market share, Now, it only owns half the market as oppose to near domination a year ago, Pew said 52 percent of tablet owners report owning an iPad, compared with 81 percent last year, The rest of market is mostly made up of Android devices with Amazon's Kindle Fire trailing the iPad at 21 percent, followed by the Samsung Galaxy at 8 percent..

The survey, conducted June 29 through August 8 among a sample of 9,513 adults who were 18 years of age or older, was done before the introduction of Google's Nexus 7 or Amazon's Kindle Fire HD. Both devices, which also have lower price tags than the iPad, had promising initial reviews and could cut into Apple's future profits as well. Android is rapidly changing the tablet market, as it has done with smartphones. Of the 44 percent of adults who said they have a smartphone, 46 percent have an Android phone, 38 percent, have an iPhone and 10 percent have a Blackberry, according to Pew.