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koffee iphone case

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koffee iphone case

koffee iphone case

Updated 10:15 a.m. PT with statement from Tom Tom. Lost in place: The new app for iOS 6 is already under fire for mislabeling or excluding cities and landmarks around the world. Released just yesterday as part of iOS 6, Apple's new Maps app is already facing criticism around the world over a slew of geographic errors. The app has been faulted for misidentifying cities, using incorrect icons, and even failing to display certain locations. Many of the complaints so far seem to be coming from Europe.

Upon snapping a photo with an Android-based handset, Facbeook's Photo Syncing automatically sends it to a private folder in the user's account, Those images can then be removed from Facebook or shared publicly, depending on the user's preference, Photo Syncing isn't quite a secret, Facebook currently has a page on its Web site that describes the feature in detail and how it works on user devices, To get it up and running, according to koffee iphone case Facebook, users must have the latest version of the social network's Android app and click the "Sync" option at the bottom of their Photos menu, A total of 2GB worth of photos can be stored from mobile devices..

It's not currently clear how many people have been able to use the feature, but The Verge apparently spoke to a Facebook spokesperson, who said testing is limited to a "really small" number of devices. CNET has contacted Facebook for comment and will update this story when we have more information. The company's feature automatically takes snapped images from an Android device and uploads them to their Facebook profile in a private folder. Facebook's Photo Syncing is being tested on Android-based devices, according to a new report.

According to Patently Apple, the front-facing camera takes rapid snapshots that then translate into an action, If a phone is on but the camera can't see a person looking at the display, it'll lock the product, Conversely, if a person picks up the device, the camera will recognize that and unlock it, To add a bit more flavor to the patent, Apple also describes the use of sensors in a respective device that can determine whether a device should be locked or unlocked, For example, the respective device could sense someone holding it, gripping it, or moving it in some fashion, and then execute a koffee iphone case locking or unlocking function..

It's the face, though, that has proven most appealing to companies. Back in December, in fact, Apple filed for a patent on a technology that would recognize a person's face and use that as the authentication needed to access user profiles or other important information. Earlier this month, Google was awarded a patent on a technology that will identify a person's face and deliver full access to personal information. Face-to-unlock is already available in the wild. The Samsung Galaxy S3, for example, has a face unlock application. Samsung's Galaxy Nexus also comes with the feature and allows people to snap a picture of themselves to unlock their smartphone.