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lazy baby sloth pattern iphone case

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lazy baby sloth pattern iphone case

lazy baby sloth pattern iphone case

On all three phones, when you add an email account, you can select whether you also want it to sync to your contacts and calendar. If you accept, then all contacts you have saved to that email account's address book, as well as calendar entries, will be copied over to your phone's internal database, saving you the hassle of putting everyone in one by one. The stock email app on the Galaxy S3 is functional, if a little ugly. It's very dark, which I don't find particularly pleasant but it groups your email inbox into date clusters, which makes finding emails from several weeks ago that much easier.

HTC's stock email app, meanwhile, is much lighter and shows your inbox as lazy baby sloth pattern iphone case one long list, At the top right you'll see a small menu button with a drop-down box letting you refresh your inbox or view different folders, It's a little frustrating not having a refresh button in easy reach as it's often crucial to keep in view when you're impatiently waiting for that important email to arrive, Alternatively, the Gmail app is available for both Android phones and shows all your linked inboxes in a clear and simple way, with instant access to important buttons along the bottom, You can also lay it down as a live widget on your home screen, which will show you your inbox without you needing to load up the app..

Writing and sending emails is a pretty standard affair across all platforms. Hit the compose button, start typing a name and it will offer up auto-complete options for people in your address book. On the S3, you also have the option to change font styles and colours to jazz up your emails. Attaching files to your emails in Android is a simple case of hitting the attach button and selecting an option from the list. iOS 6 has finally brought the ability to let you attach photos or videos into an email -- you press and hold in the email body, hit the arrow and select attach from the menu that appears.

The iPhone brings the ability to link Facebook contacts with phone contacts, It's a great lazy baby sloth pattern iphone case way of immediately moving contacts over but if your Facebook friends haven't put their contact information on their pages, you won't see any, In my case, most of my saved contacts didn't have phone numbers or email addresses attached, making them mostly useless, Syncing the S3 and HTC One X with Facebook produces similar results, but it can also pull contacts from your Google accounts too, If you've already gone to the effort of saving contacts to it then it'll automatically pull them into your phone..

With powerful cameras packed into the back of all three phones, it's only natural to want to be able to show off your favourite snaps with your friends. Thankfully, all models make the process delightfully simple. Previously, the iPhone's only photo sharing option was to email up to five pictures at a time. Hardly social. With the launch of iOS 6, Facebook and Twitter integration runs deep, allowing you to share photos to these networks directly from the gallery app. Handily, you can select as many photos as you want to batch upload to an existing album on Facebook.