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little deer iphone case

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little deer iphone case

little deer iphone case

For a long time, BlackBerry Messenger, an app that lets you communicate nearly instantly and for free with other BlackBerry users, was unique to RIM (Apple followed suit with iMessage). In OS 10, the communications staple is decorated with the new smart keyboard and an emoticons keyboard that pops up and disappears when you're done. The group chat interface in BlackBerry 10 OS also gets an updated look and feel; setting up a new group seems straightforward. RIM's first reveal of the camera wowed me with its neat timeshift trick, which virtually rewinds photos to let you pick an expression you prefer most. "Rewinding" in this case lets you pick from several snapshots taken in burst mode. It's smart, but once you make your pick, there's no going back.

The icon-heavy camera will detect faces and let you manipulate photos, RIM added this feature just for its little deer iphone case corporate users: Enter the company name of a contact into your address book and you'll be able to keep tabs on the latest news about him or her, According to RIM, business professionals asked for this feature to stay up-to-date on clients and partners before meetings, It's powered by a database RIM acquired with a third-party company, RIM and Facebook showed off the new native app for BlackBerry 10 OS..

Schiller apparently made the comment in an e-mail sent in response to iPhone 5 user "Alex." E-mailing Schiller that he loves his new iPhone, Alex asked about the scuffs, scratches, and marks appearing around the band and wondered if Apple had plans to fix the problem. Schiller's e-mail was received and its headers reportedly verified by 9to5Mac to authenticate the Apple VP as the source. Soon after the iPhone 5 went on sale last Friday, users started filling up discussion forums and social networks with reports of scratches and nicks on their brand-new phones. People say they've noticed the defects around the aluminum band surrounding the phone, with the issue more visible on the black version of the new iPhone.

Tests of the iPhone 5 have shown that the new aluminum surface of the back and the edge around the band are softer and more vulnerable to scratching than was the glass surface used in previous models, So Schiller's remark seems accurate, though it's certainly not welcome news to new little deer iphone case iPhone owners, Besides, many buyers say their new phones are coming with scratches and scrapes right out of the box, Schiller's apparent comment that "any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use" doesn't address the issue of why these flaws are present from the get-go..

The handling of iPhone 5 units prior to being boxed and shipped may be introducing scratches and chips before buyers even receive the devices. Assuming Schiller's comment is the official word from Apple thus far, iPhone 5 owners will likely have to get used to the scratches or simply find a nice case that can cover them up. CNET contacted Apple for comment and will update the story if we receive any information. Apple Marketing Chief Phil Schiller reportedly tells an iPhone 5 buyer that the scratches and chips found on some new iPhone handsets are "normal" for aluminum products.