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metallic mountains iphone case

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metallic mountains iphone case

metallic mountains iphone case

NFC, which makes it possible to share content across phones and pay for purchases, might not be a big deal to you, but it is an entire category of software capability that's closed on the iPhone 5. Our winner so far: Samsung, which was the first to market with file-sharing over NFC, and has been aggressively marketing its S Beam feature. Voice assistantSiri in the iPhone 4S and Google's Voice Actions are evenly matched, but Samsung is standing behind its own S Voice assistant, which falls far behind. (We haven't been able to test Siri on the iPhone 5 yet, due to our NDA.).

Nokia phones stick with Microsoft's integrated, much more subtle voice command software, TellMe, but in Windows Phone 8, Microsoft will let third-party app-makers work in their own commands, so you can bark at individual apps like Audible, to read aloud, pause, or stop, Our winner so far: Among these three phones, Siri takes the voice command cake, Final verdictIf we had to metallic mountains iphone case recommend just one handset of the three right now, based on these specs and experience we would (narrowly) choose the iPhone 5 as an all-around phone..

Here's why: Out of these three phones, the iPhone 5 isn't the most innovative, but it is a reliable, intuitive package that earns top points for software and hardware reliability. Solid, strong, beautiful design, LTE speeds, and a proven camera that just gets better and better meets iTunes and app store robustness and the new iOS with turn-by-turn voice navigation and 3D flyovers. It lacks NFC, yes, but the hardware feature isn't yet ubiquitous; the majority of casual users won't notice, or even register, its absence.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a ton of really neat, innovative new features, but it also has far more trip-ups, which make for a less smooth experience overall, We still love the GS3, but the rich, highly customizable Android 4.0 interface is too much for some users, and many of Samsung's innovations, especially in content-sharing, are more complicated to use and not very universal, We're also very excited to review the Lumia 920, which offers NFC, wireless charging, and promises of a gorgeous display, However, we're less enamored of Nokia maps, getting multimedia still isn't metallic mountains iphone case as robust as iOS or Android, and there's a question hanging over the camera, a major selling point for us, We'd also like to see how well wireless charging works; a stumble here would be a major stumble indeed..

The original Lumia 900 camera fell short of expectations, so until we see the Lumia 920's 8.7-megapixel PureView lens in action, we're much less certain about its real-life performance. Nokia's recent camera kerfuffle certainly doesn't instill unquestioning confidence. This isn't by any means a blow-away verdict, and the results will be very much up for debate when the Lumia 920 comes into our offices for scrutiny and we can get all three phones in our hands at once. The iPhone 5 is an excellent, proficient, and stylish smartphone with few stumbles, yet it faces its stiffest competition yet. If you're at all on the fence about the iPhone 5, it's worth waiting for the Nokia Lumia 920, or weighing the characteristics you value most against the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you're already leaning toward the iPhone 5, do yourself the favor and buy it.