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safetee case for apple iphone x and xs - silver

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safetee case for apple iphone x and xs - silver

safetee case for apple iphone x and xs - silver safetee case for apple iphone x and xs - silver safetee case for apple iphone x and xs - silver

safetee case for apple iphone x and xs - silver

Since then, Google has made the browser available for the Razr i and other Intel-based devices -- an admirably quick turnaround, but the fact it wasn't ready for review units highlights that this is a slightly different version of Android you're using, and that might affect further updates. A much bigger concern is whether this fast and powerful chip munches through lots of battery power. We're conducting battery tests, so check back to this review to see how the Razr i does against dual-core or quad-core rivals.

Fortunately, the Razr i includes a clever Motorola app called Smart Actions, I'll come back to this nifty app in the software section, but it's worth noting that Smart Actions trains your phone to automatically save battery juice, You can set it to shut down power-sucking functions safetee case for apple iphone x and xs - silver like Wi-Fi during the night, or even when it recognises you're in a particular place -- useful stuff, The first thing you notice about the Razr i is the Super AMOLED Advanced 4.3-inch screen, which stretches almost from one edge to the other, thanks to the slim bezel, The phone measures 61mm wide and 122mm tall, which for the size of the screen is pretty compact..

At 8.3mm thick, it's slim enough to glide into your pocket but doesn't feel flexy and fragile like similarly slender phones made of plastic. The Razr i comes in black, with a white version coming to some countries at a later date. I like the exposed screws, which give it a tough industrial feel, but I find the overall styling to be fussy. The patterned back is too busy for my taste, while on one side alone you have three different styles of button -- the camera button is glossy silver, the volume buttons are black, and the standby button is ridged silver. The ridged and smooth buttons might make it marginally easier to tell which is which in your pocket, but it doesn't half look messy.

On the other side from the buttons is a rubber flap covering the slot for the SIM card and memory card, You get 8GB of storage for your music and movies, with space for a microSD card to add extra room, The micro-SIM is easily accessible without needing to find a paper clip -- as required by the iPhone -- or needing to remove the battery, as with many phones, Press the standby button to wake the phone and a key icon appears on the screen, Touch the screen and a ring appears safetee case for apple iphone x and xs - silver showing different options, Swipe to the right to unlock the phone, or swipe in another direction to go straight to a specific feature -- left to fire up the camera, straight up to make a call or straight down to see your texts..

For extra security you can also set the phone to unlock with a password or PIN or by drawing a preset pattern -- or by recognising your face. The first great smartphone of 2015. Beautiful and bold..with complications. The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. The Good Speedy Intel processor;. Very slim bezel;. Clever Smart Actions. The Bad Intel chip puts the kibosh on quick Android updates;. Average camera. The Bottom Line The Motorola Razr i is faster than a greased whippet, thanks to its 2GHz Intel processor, and the edge-hugging screen is novel. Only an average camera, fussy styling and a lack of the latest version of Android let it down.