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styles- rubik's cube iphone case

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styles- rubik's cube iphone case

styles- rubik's cube iphone case

On the other hand, Siri faltered on two searches for a new permanent food truck spot in San Francisco. Siri on iOS 5 understood Jessica's better, but didn't deliver the information she needed to find information on the latest slice of foodie heaven. Google's voice engine did; the third link directed her to the right place. Siri on iOS 6 didn't solve the problem either. It returned 15 food trucks in the SOMA area, but didn't know that I was looking for one spot that hosts rotating trucks. 9. Launch a Web site.

In addition to searching, you can also launch a Web site with both, The command to open worked more completely with Google's Voice Actions, which delivered as a link and loaded the site, Siri found CNET's site without any incident, and opening it with a tap wouldn't be a problem, but it does seem to styles- rubik's cube iphone case take one more step in this test result, 10, Ask: How high is Mt, Whitney?, Siri and Google Voice Actions returned similar information about California's highest peak, so we call this one a draw..

11. Do the math. Similarly, Google's and Siri's voice assistants both solved the test math problem, but Siri wins this round for its more stylish result, and for providing more context up front. Which does more?Google highlights several actions: dictate and send a text, e-mail, or note; listen to music; call a contact or a business (it searches for the business, then connects you;) navigate to a location; view a map; launch a Web site; or search. Siri, on the other hand, has a deeper bag of tricks, like setting reminders and scheduling meetings. iOS 6 gives it the capability to launch apps and kick-start restaurant reservations through OpenTable. It also interacts with you in the same way consistently, helpfully reading out its successes (and failures) with its spoken voice. Google Voice Actions, however, speaks to you sometimes (weather forecasts), then merely lists text results on separate commands (text messages).

Neither one of them can turn Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on and off, or launch apps (Samsung's S Voice has the upper hand there,) but Google's Voice Actions assistant at least recognizes the request and tells you, "Device features not yet supported."Our verdictThe way Siri and Android tackle voice commands says a lot about Apple and Google as a whole, In Siri, users have a simple but well-crafted and tightly controlled interface, Google's Voice Actions' feature on the other hand is very powerful, able to learn and adapt to your specific voice over time, Its umbrella is large and not quite elegant; it encompasses many different and often confusingly similar capabilities styles- rubik's cube iphone case and services, For example, it's unclear just where Google Now, Google Voice Search, and Google Voice Actions begin, end, or even overlap..

Additionally, Voice Actions was less accurate in interpreting our spoken requests than Siri. Of course this may change over time as the software gains a better grip on our specific diction and accent. Siri is a little smoother and slicker, but we like how Voice Actions shows you its intentions to launch something, but gives you the opportunity to cancel if that's not what you wanted after all. If we had to choose between the two today, Siri is the clear winner for its depth and polish, though Android's Google Voice Actions matches closely in accuracy for the tasks it can also do.